Chilled & Hot Water Systems


Chilled water systems work much the same way as direct expansion systems work. The exception is they use water in the coil rather than refrigerant. Technically speaking, water can be classified as a refrigerant. Chilled Water systems are found in commercial and industrial applications.

One of the best ways to increase HVAC efficiency is to optimize heating and cooling source equipment for hot water and chilled water. There is a basic conflict between optimizing efficiency of distribution systems and optimizing efficiency of source equipment. For distribution, hotter hot water and colder chilled water can bring greater temperature differential across the system, reducing required flow and transport energy use. For sources of heating and cooling, however, it is more efficient to produce cooler hot water and warmer chilled water. Optimizing these conflicts will result in the most energy-efficient systems.

Chilled Water Central Plant Systems

Chilled water air conditioning systems are commonly used in buildings such as shopping centres, airports and office blocks or industrial situations that need large scale cooling capacity.

In chilled water plants, water is chilled to around 7°C by the refrigeration plant. This chilled water is pumped to various air handling units (comprising cooling coil, blower and ducts) throughout the building. The water then picks up the heat generated from this process and returns to the chiller at around 13°C when the process is repeated.

Water Chiller types include reciprocating, screw, centrifugal and absorption chillers. Reciprocating water chillers use piston-type, positive displacement compressors which are found in small and medium capacity systems. Screw Centrifugal chillers are most commonly used in commercial water chillers and found in medium and large capacity systems. Absorption chillers are found in large capacity systems, they use water as a refrigerant and steam to cause water and lithium bromide solution to separate.

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