Energy Efficiency


Building Management Systems are used in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities and are more commonly installed in newer facilities. Excessive energy consumption in large buildings is often traced back to poor control of heating, ventilation, cooling and/or lighting systems. Hence, to increase energy efficiency in your venue, dynamic control of your building services to suit real-time conditions is essential. This is especially the case in the live performance industry as real-time conditions tend to change rapidly during performances (e.g. audience enters and leaves the venue at set times which can be controlled by flexible HVAC systems).

Efficiency of building services is reduced when each system needs to be monitored separately, and the individual systems cannot interact with each other. A BMS can facilitate interactions between all or selected control systems within a building or venue.

Energy Efficient HVAC-R

HVAC systems are vital to operations in commercial buildings. With modern equipment, health and safety regulations and employee rights, they are essential for all types of business from office based work to factories. Fortunately, installing a custom made energy efficient HVAC system can minimise these costs and maximise the benefits.

  • Heating can account for 60% of a company’s energy usage
  • Ventilation causes around 30% of heat loss in most commercial buildings (25% in industrial buildings)
  • Installing air conditioning can increase a building’s energy consumption by 100%

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