City Building Services understands healthy people are essential for a productive work place. Evidence is mounting that indoor environment quality factors, such as air quality, temperature, lighting and other factors impact on our health, comfort and productivity.

City Building Services uses and recommends the use of the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS). NABERS is the Australian he industry standard for measuring and benchmarking the environmental performance of existing buildings.

NABERS is managed nationally by the Office of Environment and Heritage NSW (OEH) on behalf of Australian, state and territory governments.

The NABERS approach to rating the environmental performance of buildings is world leading and unique. It utilises real, measured impacts and communicates these in a clear and simple way.

Through NABERS, the property industry has a credible standard to judge environmental initiatives and confidently communicate results through a well-established star rating scale.

This deep knowledge of building performance and potential for improvement is one of our forte’s, City Building Services an Australian leader in the greening of buildings.