Meet our Chief Operating and Indigenous Services Officer

The Worimi have been on 'Country' since time immemorial. The Worimi people are Aboriginal Australians from the eastern Port Stephens and Great Lakes regions of coastal New South Wales, Australia.

Before contact with settlers, their people extended from Port Stephens in the south to Forster/Tuncurry in the north and as far west as Gloucester.

Jason, being one of the Worimi People leads him into his position as not only National General Manager, but also our Indigenous Services Officer.

Jason has 32 years’ experience in the HVAC & R industry as a qualified technician, supervisor & manager.

He started his experience with industrial chiller work for the Royal Australian Navy, from there, his experience has been Ammonia Plants, York Chillers, HVAC Maintenance Systems, & Controls Systems. He also owned and operated his own large HVAC company in Sydney.

Through Jason’s working history and expertise, he was recognized and complemented for his involvement in the design, construction and installation of a recent upgrade of the building Management system for stage one mechanical services upgrade works in NSW Parliament House Sydney.

His main role was as Project & Design Manager with a reputable building automation company. He was able to provide a cost-effective solution with the integration of two different BMS systems where the existing BMS system was engineered to interface with a new building management system.

He is now the backbone for City Building Services National Service and project team and takes pride in his team and expects perfection at all times